Building Up Your Savings

Monday Nov 27th, 2017


Easy Tips To Save:

-Coffees Daily can add up quickly.  Start bringing your own brew to work in a thermos to save the $.

-Buying your lunch is expensive.  Brown-bagging it twice a week is an easy way to save $.

-Driving to the office everyday can put a toll on the wallet and the economy. Using your bicycle is a great mode of transportation once a week can really help the pocket book.

Saving $10-20 can really add up!

$20.00 a week after 5 years you will have saved $5200.00

$20.00 a day after 5 years you will have saved $36,500.00 

A small contribution every pay day or every week can really start to add up.  Start today! If your goal is to purchase an investment property, a new kitchen, or an in-ground pool...a small contribution into a regular savings account is the right step to get there!

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